Lunchtime BABLing with Dr. Shea Brown

019. Interrogating Large Language Models with Jiahao Chen

Episode Summary

On this week's Lunchtime BABLing (#19) we talk with Jiahao Chen; data scientist, researcher, and founder of Responsible Artificial Intelligence LLC. We discuss the evolving debate around large language models (LLMs) and their derivatives (ChatGPT, Bard, Bing AI Chatbot, etc.), including: 1: Do systems like ChatGPT reason? 2: How do businesses know whether LLMs are useful (and safe) for them to use in a product or business process? 3: What kinds of gaurdrails are needed for the ethical use of LLMs (includes pompt engineering). 4: Black-box vs. Whitebox testing of LLMs for algorithm auditing. 5: Classical assessments of intelligence and their applicability to LLMs. 6: Re-thinking education and assessment in the age of AI. Jiahao Chen Twitter: Responsible AI LLC: